The people behind Kolibrie Investments

A Hummingbird (‘kolibrie’ in Dutch) beats its wings very rapidly. The bird’s wings beat eighty times per second, as a result of which it can hover in the air. Moreover, this rapid wing beat ensures that the hummingbird is the only bird that can also fly backwards and even vertically up or down. Figuratively speaking, our team has the same capacities as the hummingbird. Thanks to decades of experience and various specialists, Kolibrie Investments can manoeuvre very quickly in the world of Hospitality, Real Estate and Corporate Finance.


Maurits Mulder

Managing Partner
Maurits' sound and extensive network and excellent reputation creates many opportunities for investors and companies within the Spanish and Dutch market.


Ramón Mayo

Founding Partner
Ramón Mayo is co-founder of Kolibrie Investments. Ramón is also Founder and President of the well known Company “Kalam”, a company dedicated to restoration and refurbishing of ...

Javier Cortes.jpg

Javier Cortes


Javier Cortes has an extensive experience in Finance , Investment and Real Estate in the Hospitality Industry.

Thomas Preiss .jpg

Thomas Preiss

Thomas has over 20 years of mergers & Acquisitions and private Equity

Ton Rouwenhorst

Ton has built up an important network of valuable contacts in the BRIC countries and other emerging markets.

Carlo Sohl

Carlo has built an extensive network both within the healthcare sector as well as in the tourism and real estate sector.


Suchada Gamoljitr

Office Manager
Suchada has over 5 years of experience as office manager at international firms.