Corporate Finance, Investments and Real Estate

Kolibrie Investments is a truly international operating advisory firm, acting along three business lines, Corporate Finance, Investments and Real Estate.
Although we are familiar in almost every sector, we have built during the past many years a deep knowledge within the Hospitality Sector, Healthcare Sector and within Historical and Emblematic Buildings.
Within these sectors we are in direct and personal contact with over one thousand investors, owners and operators.
Kolibrie Investments advises and assists in taking and executing important decisions both for companies as well as family-owned assets. We help our clients to achieve their strategic objectives through mergers and takeovers, refinancing, restructuring, but also through recapitalisation and optimising assets. We do this from our offices in Madrid and Rotterdam, but also on site with our clients around the world.

Corporate Finance

Kolibrie Investments specialises in mergers and takeovers. Finding the right counterparty and achieving an optimal buying or selling price requires good preparation in advance. First of all we describe the objectives of the mandate in detail. Next we map out the valuation of the company or of the target companies.


In addition to assisting entrepreneurs and investors in corporate finance and real estate transactions Kolibrie Investments is also active when it concerns our own investments. Industrial companies with insufficient or decreasing profitability but with a positive cash flow are eligible for investment by Kolibrie Investments.

Real Estate

A Spanish company is looking for Dutch real estate. A non-European investor wants to buy a Spanish hotel. These are only two examples of our various real estate activities. With our offices in the financial and administrative heart of Madrid we know the Spanish market like no other.